BWC Members Must Provide:

One Primary Commuter Benefit:

Select ONE from the following:

  • Monthly transit pass subsidy
  • Vanpool subsidy 
  • Significant telecommuting or compressed work week program
  • Cash in lieu of free parking program
  • Or an equivalent benefit


Three Supporting Commuter Benefits:

Select THREE from the following:

  • Carpool/Vanpool 
  • Cycling
    • Onsite Lockers or Showers
    • Secure bike parking
    • Bikesharing program
  • Transit
    • Pre-tax Transit Subsidy
  • Telework
  • Onsite Amenities
    • Transportation Information Kiosk 
    • Onsite shuttles
  • Access to Emergency Ride Home Program (available for FREE through Triangle Transit)


Interested in becoming a Best Workplace for Commuters?

Apply online, or print a pdf.